Ascendent Cancelled: Reaction to a Next Level YA Film Failure



The tagline sure was right.

Recent reports have stated that the conclusion of Shailene Woodley’s YA action-adventure film franchise will NOT be recieving a theatrical release and instead will be shipped to the land of TV movies, with hopes of launching a TV show afterwards. In reading this news I found my sense of embarrassment for the franchise (which first popped up as soon as I first saw Insurgent in its opening weekend) expand to lengths that I never would have suspected when I first saw the first film back in 2014.

This announcement does make sense to me since the latest film in the franchise, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, flopped hard making only 179 million off of a budget north of 100 million and was also eating alive by critics and audiences.  However seeing it fall like this is even worse than if Divergent had flopped. The fact that audiences turned their backs on the films as they got worse was sad to see as a fan of Shailene Woodley. She is a great actress who never phoned it in with these films, despite the films themselves never being sure of what they wanted to be. She always gave them her all and I thought she did a stellar job in making the films as watchable as they possibly could be with what was done to them. Unfortunately I have this hunch that she will be blamed for the failure of this franchise and having a stain as big as this is something that could really hinder her career. I really hope I am wrong because Shailene Woodley deserves better than this!



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